Annapolis Bird Control Our company embraces a humane and eco-friendly approach when doing bird removal and exclusion services. Our all-inclusive method constitutes the removal and exclusion of the bird, disposal, sanitation, and preventive measures. Birds are known for spreading at least 60 types of zoonotic diseases such as histoplasmosis, Salmonellosis, encephalitis, and meningitis. They may also carry parasites that can transfer to your pets and you. Therefore, you must find a company that will not only remove the bird but also eradicates the microorganisms that they will leave behind. With our bird control services, we can guarantee that we will prevent health risks and property damages related to bird infestation. Our technicians can use a range of devices and techniques that will stop the nuisance birds from roosting or nesting on our residential properties and commercial buildings. Whether you need a comprehensive bird removal service, or you are just looking for a free consultation, call us anytime. Our customer representatives are knowledgeable and trained to answer most of your concerns related to bird problems. Our technicians can conduct a detailed inspection of the site and determine both feeding and watering sites, as well as their loafing, roosting, and nesting locations. We can also offer habitat modifications to discourage these birds from visiting our house.

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